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13 February 2011

Final Design Development 1.a

Using The Array Tool:
The array tool, enables a better precision of rotational movement, and enables you to edit the X & Y axis of the design, creating much more interesting movement and repetitions. Firstly by selecting tools, and array will bring up the array tool window to begin the editing process


I began by experimenting with the amount design counts and the rotational angle of the structure, altering the amounts in each window.

Back View: By clicking ok the measurments are the calculated, resulting in the following design concept. The layering effect, and intricacy within each section is really interesting within this design. Although my original idea and design effect whichcocnept has changed significantly, I still like the has been created.

Front View
Right/Left View

  • I continued experimenting with the array tool, and looking and developing new design concepts, taking into consideration the design elements and implications from the previous design, ensuring they didnt exist in the new design developments.

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