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5 February 2011

Visulisation of final design

Final Design in 3D studio Max

This is the final design which will be made in rapid prototyping and will have the end use of a fashion piece such as a large body piece across the shoulder and back or as a broach.

Initial Ideas

This design is based on an interior shot of a shopping centre which I have adapted and redesigned to become a shoulder piece.
These two designs are inspired by origami. Both are sections from different fashion accessories but when designed there would be at least 3 of each and then joined together.

This 3rd design was inspired by a simple design of a bracelet and then taken and multiplied several times on top of each other and then made into a new fashion piece.

Placing images within a design

Using spacing tool with various shapes

Spacing tool

Array Tool-creates multiples

Extrude and Inset

Extrude and Inset