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12 February 2011

Design Implications and Issues with Printing Prototype

3D STUDIO MAX –9TH February 2011


Design Implications:

Today was supposed to be the final hand in day and submission date of the design files. However due to design implications, this was not possible.

I had two designs which I proposed as my final two designs, the first one was the light bulb concept from the previous design proposal Design concept 4. (See earlier Blog entry)

  • This was the first design I proposed to the printing department, however there were many implications with this design which made it diffcult for printing. The implication with this design was firstly the bottom of the design. The intricacy of the entwined ends, are too thin, and must be of a minimum thickness of 2mm. To print an object of a thickness smaller than 2mm, will result in the object breaking, and possibly not even print into a solid shape
  • To alter this implication, the tails of the object had to be removed, the only way to acheive this was by completly removing the ends, which resulted in a completly new design.

The screen capture above clearly shows the structure being changed. The end tails have been removed to leave a structural thickness suitable for printing. Using the process of experimenting with the rotaional functions, I began developing a new concept design. This time I used the array tool, to develop a structure suitable for printing.

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