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13 February 2011

Final Design Concepts

Design Concept Development 1:

Design Concept Development 2: Design Concept Development 3:
From the designs, and further developments, I came to a final choice, which was accepted by the printers, and was accepted as a design proposal. Although I wanted a prototype which could represent a design concet for a constructed light bulb, due to the measurements we were limited to for a design sample, it would have resulted in a very small prototype. The design which was taken through as a final concept is shown below. It has a build up of 3 different layers, which form like a spiral, with intricate detail forming within each layer. I think this design will make a really interesting design concept for lights. Final Accepted Design Concept:

This is the final design concept which has been taken through to the final design stage. The interesting aspect of this deisgn are the 3 different levels, which can be clearly seen in the right/left view, the spiral effect makes the design look really interesting. Due to the printing dimension limit, its quite difficult to see how a design would actually look. We have been working to guidelines of 120mm x 25mm x 120mm. This process is quite costly due to the material also, and a price can only be given once a design has been constructed, which therefore makes it rather difficult for testing and experimenting processes to take place.
The design you see in below are photographs of the printed prototype

Base Design of Prototype:

Seeing the design as a finished product was really interesting, and the scale is so much smaller than expected. This journey and project has definatly been a learning curve, and will be interesting to continue to progress working using this design element to see where it could take me for my Final Major Project.

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