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15 February 2011

Printing Implications and Design Compromises

Unfortunately to print my current model is not possible. The printing time would be approx. be 17 hours and have to much support material (4 hours worth) to keep the design from breaking that it would end up looking like a ball of material. The scale of the piece 120mm x 120mm x 35mm is not that big so each strand of rib would be extremely small and fragile and easily broken.

I have had to go back to my design and compromise some of the key features of the model so that it becomes more suitable to print.

Original design

Adapted design.

As you can see I have had to cut the original model in half however I have still kept the concept of each single piece being able to pull out and sit separately. I have added cubes to the bottom of each piece to allow the model to sit straight and to add extra support. I have left the individual ribs the same size as I did not want to compromise on the design too much.

The whole process was very interesting it the way that us as surface designers had produced pieces which are quite tactile and unique, and perhaps we expected more out of the model than what could actually be physically produced and printed.

The process with which we have been through is, I imagine very similar to how it works in the market/industry. Designs are produced and because of current technology, scale and various limitations the designs have to be tweaked, often making a better and more unusual piece.

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