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12 February 2011

Overall Conclusion, Design Analysis and learning curve

The learning stages and learning curve of this project has developed over these past 3 weeks. It has been a really short time scale to which we have been taught and tried to implement our design ideas into 3D Studio Max. The beginning stages of this project I struggled to understand the concept and software, and translating 2D designs into a 3D concept was proving really difficult.

The 3 week time scale is a very short learning time, and would be beneficial and interesting to have been taught over a longer period of time, to be able to develop our designs, and strengthen our knowledge and understanding of 3D Studio Max.

By using the online tutorials and developing my understanding of the software, I have been able to progress much further in the last week of this project. By working daily on the tutorials and trying to implementing ideas and working and experiment I have been able to develop a series of designs which would work effectively as a form of lighting.

The final design I feel is a really interesting design, and would work really effectively as a light bulb construction. With the market always looking for innovative ways and new design concepts, I think that this software works effectively in creating new lighting concepts from implemented designs.

I also really like design 1, as a complete lighting installation, the different levels, and design aspect of this design form a really interesting concept, which would be really interesting to see as a 3D prototype.

I have learnt a lot in this project, and although I have struggled with the understanding of the software, I feel over the weeks it has enabled me to strengthen my understanding and I would like to further develop my understanding and continue using this software as part of my Final Major Project.

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